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Insulation Installation

Part of having an efficient HVAC system is ensuring your home is properly insulated. This means keeping heat trapped inside of living spaces in cold weather and keeping hot air outside of your home in warm weather. This is best done by closing air gaps and keeping a thermal barrier of insulation in your attic space. A properly insulated attic ensures that your house works like it was built to – keeping residential areas comfortable.

We work with blown-in cellulose insulation to give your attic the proper depth for our area (zone 5), typically between 18″-24″. Our process includes:

  • Installing baffles around the edges of your attic space so that your attic can breathe as the builders intended
  • Sealing off all electrical boxes and vents
  • Close all attic air leaks with fireproof foaming

Take a look at some of our past projects.

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